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Welcome from the Co-Directors

The Mechatronics Engineering Programme builds upon the strong engineering disciplines at the University of Canterbury, involving both Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering. It offers a coherent, integrated, and project-based mechatronics degree, that emphasises a mix of theoretical and fundamental training, as well as problem-solving skills. In particular, the Programme aims to develop and reinforce your “mechatronic” systems thinking skills through project-based teaching and hands-on design and implementation of principles learned in fundamental engineering science courses. Substantial laboratory work is carried out concurrently with course work. You have the opportunity to undertake a series of designs as you progress through the Programme, which draws upon cross-course knowledge and different skill-sets. This project-based programme has been developed in response to the increasing convergence of mechanics, electronics, computer control, embedded software, and informatics in design and manufacture of modern smart products and systems. We believe that the rounded training you receive will prepare you well to meet the challenges in a wide range of existing and emerging industrial and cross-disciplinary sectors.

The Mechatronics Engineering Programme is strongly supported by cutting-edge mechatronics, control systems, and robotics research at UC, spanning bio-mechatronics, bio-mimetic robotics, mobile robotics, assistive devices, instrumentation and control, biomedical systems, and manufacturing automation. It involves active academic members from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. The inter-disciplinary mechatronics research teams actively engage in fundamental and applied research in close collaboration with industry partners, and exploit commercial applications. Excellent research opportunities are available for Master and Ph.D. studies in Mechatronics Engineering.

We hope that you will have fulfilling and fruitful years during your study at UC.

Associate Professor Michael Hayes & Dr Chris Pretty
Co-Directors of Mechatronics Programme